Beet Sausage (or Isa’s beet burger)


So husband and I really like sausage. We specially like having sausage for breakfast and have tried pretty much every single tofu, meatless, vegan sausage we could fin over the past two years. Invariably, our favourite is Linda McCartney’s Red Onion and Rosemary sausages, the first ones we ever tried. Not only the flavour is great, but the texture is perfect. PERFECT I tell you!

That said, when we went shopping yesterday I decided to skip the frozen section and declared to my husband that I would try and make our own sausages for today’s breakfast.

Weirdly enough, because we had just come back from the market with a bunch of beetroots, instead of googling “vegan sausage recipe” I just googled “vegan beet recipe” and found myself at Isa Chandra’s Post Punk Kitchen site reading the Quarter Pounder Beet Burger recipe.

The recipe looked so good that I decided to shape the burger like a sausage and voilá!

Recipe notes:

I actually followed the recipe pretty much to a T for once, the only minor adaptation was that I did half breadcrumbs and half oat bran (I didn’t have enough of the first)…

I also made the mixture and shaped the sausages last night and left them in the fridge as I didn’t want to wake up and have to prepare everything in the morning.